Who Am I?


A little bit about myself…I live where you vacation, Miami, FL (although I barely ever make it to the beach). Throughout most of the year we are blessed with year long summer, humidity and some strong rains (maybe a hurricane or two). I have been in Miami since the age of 10, before that I was living in Maracaibo, Venezuela, otherwise known as “La tierra del sol amada” because of it’s high temperatures and the warmth of it’s people, where my wonderful parents met.

I come from a multicultural background, thanks to my dad’s ancestors immigrating from Greece to Lebanon and my dad moving to Venezuela escaping the civil war in his country, and meeting my mother. My mother’s father had a similar idea when he left Italy and moved to Venezuela where he met my grandmother.

I grew up listening and speaking different languages and that’s where I developed my love for them. So besides speaking my native tongue Español and learning English during my school days here in Miami, I also learned Italiano and took some course to learn Française and throughout the years I have pick up some Arabic at home.

From a young age, I have had a like for girly things like fashion and make up.  For a long part of my life I was involved in the modeling industry as a model and later on as a modeling instructor. My love for travel and exploring new cultures is my escape from the routine.

I had the opportunity to study abroad in the city of Perugia, Italy where I was able to improve my Italian speaking skills and travel all around Italy, with a newly found best friend and now travel buddy.

I am the founder and author of TheBlondeMademoiselle.com, a blog from my experiences around the world (if you haven’t decided if travel is for you, go take a look, it might inspired you? maybe?).

I served for a year with City Year Miami at Booker T. Washington Senior High School in the historic city of Overtown, FL. City Year was an eye opening experience to the crisis in the education system and how students are struggling to stay on track for graduation.

In 2015, I had the opportunity to live in Madrid, Spain for a few months while I taught English at a bilingual public school. It was a great opportunity for growth and to meet great inspiring individuals.

I’m currently working on my Master’s Degree in Journalism Innovation with Syracuse University.

I hope that one day I can become an influential journalist and have an impact on society and the people around me.

PS: I’m always searching for new places to visit so feel free to recommend your favorites!

“If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.” ~ Ellen Johnson Sirleaf


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