Social Media & Me

If I remember correctly, I started using social media with hi5, later on with MySpace. I was able to personalize my webpage, add music, colors, effects, post pictures have my top 5 friends, etc. Later, came Facebook in my last year of high school and I remember a friend was the one that signed me up for it. After that I think I have had all types of social media in the market.

I use to use social media to post about things I like and to communicate with my friends through a different medium. I continue to use social media with the purpose to share what I love but at the same time I use it as a tool to stay connected with my family all over the world. I have a blog that I use to share my travel experiences with strangers in the Internet. Social media is a big part of my current job with the City of Coral Gables. I create content constantly to post for my personal accounts as well as for my job.

Social media has become a huge part of my life, I spend so much time on it, it’s crazy. Constantly sharing information and content while seeing other people’s content.

The positive aspects of social media in my personal life is that it allows be to reach other people that I may be able to help with what I share on my sites. I am able to pass on information on something and to stay in contact with family and friends far away. Another positive that relates to work is that we are able to connect with all of our viewers and give them the most accurate and up to date information quickly and efficiently.

A negative aspect to social media personally, is all the time I invest in the apps, whether it’s creating content for it, sharing, engaging with other people, it consumes most of my day. I feel that i’m not so productive in doing other things I love, like reading because I am constantly scrolling through Instagram, for example.

I don’t think I was very surprised with the numbers in the Internet Trends regarding advertising. I think companies know that people are all over social media and they know they need to target them there, whether it’s through the use of influencers or ads.

Some aspects that I am interested in covering is how to be better journalist through this social media tool. I’m very interested in learning how to grow a brand organically and how to create that community feel.

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