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A few years ago, I started my own personal blog and you would think I was inspired by others but I don’t really follow any blogs.

I do read a post here and there from different blogs that I might see on social media but not because I am following their content.

A few years ago there was one blog, I got hooked on for a few months. It was in Spanish from a Peruvian author called “Soltera Codiciada” which means coveted single. The tone of this blog was what got me hooked. The author expressed herself in a very fun manner while recounting experiences or stories. I often would catch myself laughing just reading the posts. It felt like you were having a conversation with her.

Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 18.46.09

The author had very relatable stories that you could be nodding your head agreeing to what they wee saying because it was sometimes things you had experienced yourself.

The blog was hosted by WordPress. The blog layout was very basic and clean, you could see the newest posts at the side bar of the homepage labeled “Lesson #X”. The posts were all on the homepage and you could scroll nonstop till the very first one. The posts sometimes included funny images or gifs to go along with the story.

There was a recent movie about the author on Netflix which I obviously saw when it came out and it was just as the tone of the blog, a funny, witty and sarcastic narrator.

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