What is the Future Public Relations?

Public Relations, as we now know it, has come a long way. The changes and improvements of technology has help shaped what Public Relations is now, but at the same time they keep the essence of themselves, which is maintaining a good communication and relationship with journalists and clients. I strongly believe Public Relations will continue to grow in the future as a profession, as long as they continue to adapt to the new technologies and stay relevant, there’s only growth from there. 

I worked as a Public Relations Coordinator for a huge Spanish TV channel a couple of years ago, back then I had no idea what Public Relations was about. That’s where I learned that staying relevant with the new technologies and having a good relationship with media sources is key to succeeding in this field.

These past couple of months I have been looking to grow in my career as a journalist and during my job search I have seen way more job opportunities for Public Relation Specialists than for journalism. That makes me really consider if I should be doing a career change.

In five to ten years form now, Public Relations will still be relevant because at the end of the day companies and talents want to stay relevant with their own followers and as long as PR stays up to date with the changes in technology, they will continue to grow.

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