Deep Fakes, oh boy!

Watching the video from Bloomberg about Deep Fakes made me very worried. I had not realized a video like this was so easy to make and so easy to fake. The moment the video started playing, I really thought it was former President Obama speaking, so that was very creepy to think there’s this kind of technology out there. Specially because technology like this in the wrong hands can be disastrous. 
Technology continues to prove how scary and developed it can be. Even though this videos may be spotted as fakes by an expert, your everyday people may not realize they are watching a made up video about someone they deem a role model.
This kind of technology can certainly affect journalism because it’s hard already to verify sources imagine having to think every video you are seeing of an important person could be a fake? This makes the importance of being media literate even more appealing.
As the Bloomberg video mentions, there is some positive to this technology for those who have lost their speech ability but I see more harm than good specially if it’s something that may be used in the future elections. How can a regular citizen identify the truth from the fakes? This is when to make sure to share accurate and truthful information is very very important.

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