Big Data & Retail

I can’t really say I was aware of Big Data until this past class where I learned more in depth as to where and why it is used, as well as the value it has.

That’s when I realize why when I’m shopping online or looking at different products, after a couple of hours I get bombarded with the same or similar products in all my different social media apps.

Just recently, I was looking to purchase a gift online and decided not to, the next day I had an email saying “Did you forget something?” from the website I chose not to buy. I’m not even sure how they got my email since I never went through with the purchase.

Big Data is how companies are able to make their profit and how other companies are found because if it wasn’t for a google search of a product you wouldn’t see all the different ads of where to get that product. For retail, Big Data is a huge help because with more people shopping online their information is being save creating a trend of what they search and purchase to better advertise their products to the right people.

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