Let Me Tell You Who Doesn’t Own U.S. TV Stations

After reading the article “Blacks Own Just Ten U.S. Television Stations. Here’s Why” by Kristal Brent Zook, I was shocked to see how the television world is dominated by white males. The article discusses how over the years nothing has changed much and white males continue to dominate broadcasts.

I was happy to read that the FCC had put some effort in creating a balance with minorities by creating the Minority Ownership Policy in the 1970s, this actually made a bit of a difference and gave blacks the opportunity to own television stations. I was upset when I continued reading and saw that the policy was removed after a Republican Congress was elected.

This obviously reversed the effect of trying to balance the ownership between whites and blacks. From what the article mentions, the FCC has not tried to mend this situation by trying to reimplement the original policy since as the article mentions, ClearChannel bought a bunch of radio stations from minorities.

This puts minorities at a clear disadvantage in trying to grow in the broadcast industry, just like the article mentions, if they don’t come from inherited wealth, because there’s in a way a monopoly on who can own and manage broadcasts and new technologies.

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