The Digital Divide & Why Some People Might Avoid Digital Technology

The Digital Divide is the socioeconomic disparity between those who do and those who do not have access to digital technology and media, such as the Internet.[Campbell, R., Martin, C. R., & Fabos, B. (2017). Media & culture: Mass communication in a digital age. Boston: Bedford/St. Martins.]

Even though we have a digital divide due to lack of resources, finances and other factors that prevent people from accessing certain technologies, others choose not to embrace digital technology. Many people from different age groups have avoided falling into the social media world of posting their personal lives on Instagram or sharing their thoughts on Facebook. Many have never even tried to stay in the trends with the different social medias out there that come and go.

Many people see it as a waste of time or as something to difficult to understand. Others have the fear that their lives will be exposed for everyone to see and judge. Many people stay away from social media and certain technologies for fear of exposing too much of their lives to strangers or even to the authorities. Privacy concerns play a big factor in this.

There is a vast majority of people over 65 years old that choose to stay away from digital technology because they don’t understand it and probably because it’s a media that is constantly changing. Many of this people are set in their old ways and don’t like to change their way of accessing information. Other’s choose to stay away from it because they like to keep their life private rather than fall into the societal pressures of showing off their lives through images on Instagram or tweets on Twitter.

Some people that choose not to embrace digital technology do it probably because they are not understanding the new technologies and for fear of endangering the little privacy they have left. Others might not see it as worth it to spend thousands of dollars on the digital technologies if they don’t have the means to it or if they are ok with the information they are getting from newspapers or TV.


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