Digital Convergence Affects Us Daily

Just the fact that I can say “Alexa, tell me today’s news” has completely affected my life.

Digital convergence is such a crucial part of our daily lives, especially when working in communications.

As a Multimedia Journalist, I get to experience first hand Digital Convergence everyday.

In the process of staying relevant and active with our viewers, we create and adjust all our individual programming to the different digital media channels available out there to consumers. We edit our content to fit our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube viewers. We want to make sure that whatever digital platform our viewers are using, they can get the information accurately and conveniently.

As a consumer, digital convergence is part of my daily life to the point that we are codependent of the flexibility it gives us. Whether I am watching a show on the couch on my TV and later on a plane from my iPhone, or reading an article online and continuing the story through an App. I have all the content and information available to me in any device I choose to use, which is great because it gives me the freedom to choose how I consume content.

Nowadays, it’s impossible to see someone’s face not buried on their smartphone. How can you blame them? This little item has everything you need and more right at your fingertips. We keep our most precious moments in the photo album and our most private bank information.

Digital convergence whether we notice it or not, affects us daily. We don’t worry about where to get the information, we know that wherever we search, it will be there for us to consume. We simply grab our smartphone, computer, tablet, TV, etc and look for what we want.

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